Friday, June 21, 2013

From suspicion to rehabilitation: a post-V2 pattern?

"The war between the Liberation Theology movement and Rome is over" (Vatican Insider, La, June 22, 2013) - The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Gerhard Ludwig Müller, pays tribute to the Liberation Theology movement honouring his long friendship with Peruvian theologian Gutiérrez

Our undercover correspondent on retainer in a northeastern seaboard city that knows how to keep its secrets (pace Garrison Keillor) writes:
Fr. Joseph Ratzinger was held suspect by the holy office, then rehabilitated, to finally become Pope.

I believe a similar path was tread by Paul VI.

Likewise DeLubac, and Hans von B. Not all the way to a papl throne, but from suspicion to glory.

Their once "progressive" doctrines are now "mainstream," even "conservative."

And here, Liberation Theology, thought highly problematic, is now embraced in alternative form with a Latino Pope who supposedly found it problematic. See?

Honestly, to make sense of it all you need a degree in theology... and then you truly realize there is no way to make sense of it all!
Come on, my friend. Can it be all that bleak? Gimme the "V" sign during the Right of Peace, don't let go of your balloon, and all will be well.

[Hat tip to JM]


bill bannon said...

Catholicism like the earth has a core and a crust. The core ( inerrant, de fide, infallible realities) does not change. The crust which includes the papal non infallible keeps changing and its the job of apologetics people to say no change ever happened even in the crust....usury, slavery, from burning heretics for mainly 300 years to demanding countries to abolish the death penalty for murderers not heretics, from silencing Boff to moving a tad on liberation theology....all of this is no real change in the weird world of apologetics where crust is core.
But crust is crust. To be sane is to prioritize core and be suspicious of crust. At crust level Pope Francis has just urged abolishing the death penalty while
Catholicism's two largest population centers. Brazil and Mexico, have murder rates in the top 25 of the most murderous nations on earth and have no death penalty
and escapable prisons...all this while the catechism says merely prisons are protecting society just fine. Actually by UN figures the two worst countries on earth in terms of murder are predominantly Catholic El Salvador and Honduras...and our Popes are oblivious to actual stats on the matter.
I retreat to Catholic core, help for years now each month a Catholic home for rejected infants in Beijing, pray for all those in mortal or original sin worldwide, do penance for me and my one flesh Manchu lady....and I withdraw from crust, ever in flux, ever said to not be in flux by apologetics people whose income is tied to
proclaiming crust as core.
Will Boff return? It's a crusty possibility.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Well said, Bill. Prayers for you and your Manchu lady.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Neo-Cath Grub Street will soon start to turn out product on "The Poor," and perhaps some timid reconsiderations of liberation theology. JP2's proscription of it will be picked apart lovingly, revised with great affection, and found to be not really a proscription at all.

After all, Pope Bergoglio of Buenos Aires is il papa now.

James said...

Basically, relativism and fallible infallibility are the in thing these days, Doctrine must be accepted as unchanging and unchangeable, or else - until, that is, it is officially changed. Only the change never happened - all that talk about the doctrine being unchangeable was just the speculations of theologians, or dissenters, or some such.

The knots these liars tie themselves into bending backwards to justify every last abomination and error spewed out by the post-V2 Dopes are hilarious, or they would be, if they did not carry such momentous consequences.

A pattern ? No doubt of it.

James said...

So much for relativism being bad. Does the NuChurch keep anything on the go for longer than a single pontificate ? Apart, that is, from the knavery, hypocrisy. moral cowardice, narcissism and general Orwellianism ?