Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cardinal Dolan to Muslims: don't lose your faith!

On a topic of recent discussion:

Video: Cardinal Dolan visits Staten Island Albanian Islamic Cultural Center (via Rorate Caeli, June 21, 2013).


JM said...

This is a somewhat Kreeftian sentiment. And I could live with it, except what is annoying is that these Cardinals don't qualify or nuance their statements one iota, but instead let subtle zingers fly, begging questions. Is it too much to ask that officials carefully prepare and deliver remarks so as to cover the bases. I guess it really is... At least I hope that is the case, and these guys don't believe exactly like they sound they do. Also, they expect obedience and support when they encourage such liberal dissent all the time. The only people who really believe in institutional authority are the Trads, and their Institution habitually kicks them to the curb. That is why I say the Church actually encourages dissent, and looks foolish when it then tries to reel it in. Example A: Gay marriage. "Homosexuals are OK. Marriage is for companionship and pleasure...""Don't judge..." "Oh, wait, we need to make a specific exception here on marriage since it is a technical problem and violates our new primary catechism, JPII the Great's TOB!" Gee, THAT is convincing. Just as much as "Moslems are OK and God approved, but technically it would be nice if you would acknowledge Jesus."

Anonymous said...

Back at ya Cardinal Dolan


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Cardinal Dolan or Pope Urban ii?

We have heard the message of the Christians of the East. It described to you the lamentable situation of Jerusalem and the people of God. It described how the city of the King of Kings, which transmitted the pure Faith to all the other cities, was obliged to pay service to pagan superstitions. And how the miraculous Sepulcher where death could not guard its Prisoner, the Sepulcher which is the source of future life and, above all, where the Sun of the Resurrection rose, was befouled by those who will not rise again except to serve as straw for the eternal fire.

A victorious impiety has suffused the most fertile lands of Asia in darkness. The cities of Antioch, Ephesus and Nicaea already are taken by the Musselmen. The barbarous hordes of Turks pitch their standards at the very borders of Hellespoint [where the Aegean Sea meets the Sea of Marmara], where they threaten all the Christian nations. If the one true God does not contain their triumphant march, arming their children, what nation, what kingdom will be able to close the doors of the West to them?

Cardinal Dolan is a product of the seminaries that had been captured by modernists. Of course we have a duty to pray for him be we are under no obligation to believe what he and his ilk are serving-up.

I'll stay with what Catholic Tradition has taught about that false religion and I accept as accurate what Pope Urban II said about Mahometanism.

Mahomet was an insane and evil brigand who married a sex year old and raped her when she was nine (a nine year old can not consent to coitus) and beheaded numerous Jews and his false religion does not worship the same God we Catholics do and what he heard during his auditory hallucinations was of Satan, not God.

Put that in your ecumenical pipe and smoke it.

Valarie said...

This is cool!