Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why many Catholics don't give to CCHD

The annual solicitation comes around in those offering envelopes for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development? "Human development"? Sounds innocuous enough, even if it has about it a vaguely UNESCO sort of ring to it.

Here's something you should read if you concerned about how money donated to the CCHD is spent, often on groups whose aims directly contravene Catholic principles: "Introduction to 2011-2012 CCHD Grants Report" (Reform CCHD Now!). The title reads: "Don't let YOUR money work against the Church!" Check it out.

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J.O. said...

It's high time people stopped giving to the CCHD, because the cat has been out of the bag about the misfeasance and the USCCB has done nothing about it.