Friday, November 30, 2012

Amusing post on inter-religious liturgical orientation

"Interreligious dialogue 101: Ad Flip-flopem" (Rorate Caeli, November 30, 2012) . . . on Post-Temple Judaism, Islam, and Post-1970 Catholicism.


I am not Spartacus said...

Because the Pluperfect Sacrifice of Propitiation has been supplanted by a memorial meal in the Lil' Liturgy, it would be simply rude for The Presider to turn his back on the gathered before him as he speaks The Berakh (The Jewish Blessing inserted into the new rite.)

One does not invite a large gathering to a memorial meal and then turn his back on them: manners matter.

JM said...

IAS: I cannot tell if your comment is serious or not. But merely in bringing up the subject of "manners" in relation to the Norvus Ordu and sancturay decorum as celebrated in modern parishes, you've already lost forfeited a degree of credibility if you live in the same AmChurch as do I. LOL. The entire demeanor of participants and presiders resembles nothing more than a Meet-the-Candidate forum at local fashion court. I have for many years felt the greatest irony of modern Catholicism is it claims to revere the Mass to a degree far surpassing its Protestant brethren, yet it has managed to downgrade its liturgical performance to a level of tackiness many Protestant mainliners instantly react against as lacking reverence. An about face from the front would be a helpful start at repair.

Anonymous Bosch said...

With no offence to I Am Not Spartacus, Amen to JM. I pity people with no access to the TLM. Catholics who attend the TLM and NO live in two different worlds.

I am not Spartacus said...

Dear JM.. I was as serious as a heart attack. With the new Rite cast as a Memorial Meal, it is apt that the Presider face the people.

It would be rude and absurd for the Presider to turn away from Christ (the assembly is Christ accrd to Louis Bouyer) as he officiates at the Meal.

Those who think having the Presider face East makes sense do not seem to understand that facing East as a Priest at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass makes sense, but not for the new rite.

Ad Orientem, handsome vestments, reformed prayers, etc are all out of whack for a memorial meal as Rev. Anthony Cekada makes perfectly clear in his great book,, "Work of Human Hands."

The Memorial Meal is about man; it is anthropocentric.

There has been a revolution within the form of the Roman Rite and trifling with the externals, while pleasing to the eyes and ears, only makes the matter worse.

Thanks be to God for the Real Mass; the Lil' Licit Liturgy is a ghastly mistake - even though it is, admittedly, valid.