Sunday, November 25, 2012

The banality of evil

As my friend Jerry Bowyer says, "What is most amazing is how put together they look. We're raising a generation urged to put almost all effort into the outside and no effort into the inside. We have a national narcissism epidemic: my strong advice it so learn to protect yourself from it."

"America" is no longer America. The barbarians are not outside the gates. The barbarians are your neighbours, drive drive SUV's, use iPhones, shop at Nordstrom's, and have children who shoplift from Bloomingdale's and steal money from little Girl Scouts. They elect our unprincipled politicians, occupy the highest offices in the nation, hold academic chairs in colleges and universities, dominate our media, populate our entertainment industry, produce our TV shows, magazines, and tabloids. The barbarians are upon us. We are the barbarians.

More commentary by David McElroy, "Is this what happens when you teach children there are no absolutes?" (Recovering Political Prostitute, June 1, 2012).

[Hat tip to Jerry Bowyer]


bill bannon said...

And there are thousands of people helping each other in the Hurricane Sandy aftermath in N.J. and in N.Y. Always remember Elijah telling God that he, Elijah, alone was left.

I Kings 19:14. " He replied, "I have been most zealous for the LORD, the God of hosts. But the Israelites have forsaken your covenant, torn down your altars, and put your prophets to the sword. I alone am left, and they seek to take my life."

God says a few things and then corrects Elijah's ego in verse 18: " Yet I will leave seven thousand men in Israel--all those who have not knelt to Baal or kissed him."

Translation: " you alone are left is a syndrome of the ego...count better the next time by getting out of the mirror."

Anonymous said...


Pertinacious Papist said...

Hi Bill,

I'm familiar with the Elijah syndrome. You must remember that I include myself in the concluding collective "We." I see barbarism in myself. Why, I've even taken to using "they" and "them" as singular pronouns against my better judgement, simply as a knee-jerk reaction to the climate of political correctness. I won't speak for you, but as for me, I'm a goner! Cheers, -PP

Chris said...


Are the signs you list here meant as a way of saying "Even these people" are barbaric? As I said to a friend of mine, chronic cellular phone use may not be the CAUSE of cancer, but the RESULT of it.

As to Bill Bannon's Elijah syndrome, surely one of the Devil's tricks is to convince us that any who stand for truth stand alone; even that the number who stand for truth matters.

At Mass on Sunday we heard about false Messiahs. These false ones should not detract from the fact that Christ WILL indeed come again.

Most people have thrown in the towel over the whole pronoun mess. Never mind: we all fail at some point, but many JUSTIFY their sins, instead of acknowledging them for what they are.

Dark Horse said...

These bimboes are pathetic.