Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Some final thoughts on this election

Especially watch the closing comments where the larger, spiritual dimension of God's judgement is addressed. Among other things, after considering the polling (which seems pretty evenly split) and the traditional historical data (which seems to point to Romney), there's this:
For us it seems foolhardy to dismiss all the traditional historical data that all points and leans heavily to Romney. So, like much of the available data, we're split. Our brains tell us Romney; but our gut says that there is so much decay and moral rot in our nation that Obama will somehow hang on and win.

The very fact that Obama is still in the game, given his wildly unpopular healthcare law, horrible economy and nearly nonexistent recovery, not to mention sixteen trillion dollars and counting national debt. This is all a very big red flag to us. He has deftly avoided any repercussions for anything he has done -- the Libyan embassy murders, the driving of the economy into the dirt, and so forth. It's almost like he's somehow protected. Romney should win by every measure there is. But we have to consider that as St. Paul says, we're not fighting a temporal war but a spiritual one against principalities and powers.

People supporting Obama are not supporting him because of his sterling economic policies. They're supporting him because of his ideological stances, as was made abundantly evident during the Democratic National Convention, when one child-murdering supporter and sodomy supporter after another walked up to the podium and hailed this man.

We do not know how this will turn out, but we do know this: if Obama wins, and the pace of social and cultural destruction quickens, which it certainly will, none of it will be happening without God in heaven allowing it. Obama winning may in fact be God's judgement on a wicked and perverse generation -- not our judgement on who is the best man to occupy the White House.

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