Thursday, November 22, 2012

OWN IT: Top 5 States to be Hit Hardest by 2013 Tax Increases -- Supported Obama!

Sad but true: Christopher Goins, "Sandy-Ravaged New Jersey Families Face $6,933 Tax Hike in Fiscal Cliff Stalemate" (, November 12, 2012).


Site Administrator said...

The only comment received on this post so far was one that had to removed. It was one of the vilest things this site has ever received. The underlying communicable assumption was that we here are marching in lockstep with Protestant Fundamentalists in love with Romney, an assumption ignorant not only of traditional Catholic sentiments but of Protestant Fundamentalist antipathies to Mormonism.

Symptomatic of the retrogradation of American political discourse is that people no longer seem to know what it means to intelligently discuss political issues, such as the possible connection between Mr. Obama's policies and the economic plight of those states that voted for him. Instead, they are reduced to lobbing insinuating smear grenades that often, as in this case, aren't even designed to reach their target. Pitiful.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

The news that the top 5 states that voted for Obama are going to be the hardest hit by the 2013 tax increases proves that old saying to be true: The Revolution devours it's own children.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Well, there is very little intelligent activity taking place in American politics these days upon which to comment intelligently, PP.

The people of NY and NJ will blame the tax stalemate entirely on the republicans, just as they blame the economic calamity of the last four years on Bush. Completely kneejerk, but I do not entirely disagree with them on either score. If you look into the origins of the mortgage collapse that led to the 2008 meltdown, you see a rainbow coalition of greedy bastard politicians getting their palms greased by finance industry lobbyists. And then there's Iraq and Afghanistan, the best new liberal democracies money can buy. Bush, the great Nation Builder, certainly takes the blame here.

Protestant fundamentalists are goofy for Israel these days. Whackjobs like John Hagee are positively gaga on the subject. Such sentiments are certainly in lockstep with the ambitions of neo-con little Caesars -- the kind of people with which Romney seems to have planned to employ as his foreign policy strategists. To that extent I can give some credence to the one argument of the crapulous gent whose earnest communications you so rightly chose to squelch.

Reminds me of some of Hot Tub O'Leary's gems of the written word back in the day.

Thank the almighty heavens for gridlock, say I! Gridlock is the closest thing to a guardian angel that this presumptuous, swaggering dolt of a nation will ever achieve. The laws that get passed these days are 5,000 page contagions that nobody understands or even reads -- dictated, if not written, by lobbyists and their lawyers -- and loaded surreptitiously with enough barrels of pork to feed Napoleon's army. No one can predict how they will affect the country, and yet their passage is celebrated like it is a great victory for goddess Liberty.

People drop pantsloads over the great dangers of fracking and non-organic broccoli. Yet they blubber with gratitude when their senators and congressmen detonate one of their legislative dirty bombs on their doorsteps. "Come together" sounds so patty-cakey and nice -- until the thugs step out of the shadows and start working you over. Make mine gridlock.

John S. said...


What you say about the 5,000-page laws that get passed these days, which are "contagions that nobody understands or even reads," sounds a great deal like the final schemas of Vatican II "time-bomb" documents that finally made it into print.

Nobody knows what these massive "contagions" portend for the future except God and the Devil himself and his useful idiots who plant these "time bombs."

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Way too much "coming together," in the church and out.

John S. said...

"Make mine gridlock."