Friday, June 08, 2012

Stand Up For Freedom Rally

As most of you know, the USCCB has called for "Stand Up For Religions Freedom" rallies across the country. There are hundreds of cities in which such events have been occurring. Today there was a major rally scheduled in Downtown Detroit at which Archbishop Vigneron was scheduled to speak at noon, but in light of his father's passing, I am not sure he was able to make it.

We were hoping to attend the event ourselves, but I was among others invited to address a similar but smaller rally at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, MI.

I said few words about how President Obama has done more to unite the Catholic Bishops and unite Catholics with non-Catholic Christians in a unified ecumenical voice of protest against the HHS/Obamacare mandate. It was also my privilege to read a letter from Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette addressed to Dr. Monica Miller, President of Citizens for a Prolife Society, expressing his support for the efforts of those citizens united in protest against the HHS mandate.

A few excerpts:
This is a defining moment for our country. There is an increasing effort to force Americans with religious convictions out of the public square, so that they may only act on their beliefs in private. That is not the nature of faith, and that is not what our Constitution requires.
Such lucid brevity from a public official is stunning these days. Exceptional.

Schuette continues a paragraph later in his letter:
I have joined with six other Attorneys General and filed suit to challenge the HHS mandate in federal court in defense of religious liberty, and have pledged to support the Michigan Catholic Conference as well as a Catholic college, Belmont Abbey, and in their suits against the Department of Health and Human services.

This is the time to stand and be counted. Religious freedom is the cornerstone of our democracy. It is precious. And it must be defended. Is stand with you. May God bless you.
Thank you, Attorney General Bill Schuette.

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