Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Polluters and contraceptive users

Tim Worstall, "Women on Contraceptive Pill Should Pay $1,500 a Year More Tax" (Forbes, June 3, 2012).

The intrepid Zachary Mabee comments:
This is an interesting argument:

(i) Polluters should pay some sort of tax for the environmental harm they cause;

(ii) Women using artificial contraceptives are polluters (whose pollution has led, many think, to sex-change mutations among fish populations, as well as hormonal imbalance among average citizens who drink tap water);

So: Women who take artificial contraceptives should, as polluters, pay taxes for the environmental harm they cause.

Thoughts or comments?


Alan Aversa


It's somewhat ironic that pollutio is the moral theologian's term for non-procreative ejaculation…