Monday, June 04, 2012

Magisterium of Nuns denounces Rome

I'm sure you've all read or heard about the CDF NOTIFICATION about Sr. Margaret Farley’s dreadful book denouncing all the things praised by Rome and praising all the things denounced by Rome concerning the pelvic issues. (Why is it always the pelvic issues??)

You may have even heard about Fr. James Martin, SJ (whose recent Twitter campaign demonstrates that he sides with the Magisterium of Nuns rather than CDF in the matter of the LCWR) has in the Jesuit-run America Magazine come out with a full-throated defense of Sr. Farley and her ideas.

Then, of course, there was and is (and hopefully nevermore shall be) the LCWR, that subset of the Magisterium of Nuns, planning how not to obey Rome.

Which leads to Fr. Z's request to bloggers about the the phrase “Magisterium of Nuns” (WDTPRS, June 4, 2012). What can you do?

Related: "Catholic feminist admits the CDF is right about wayward Sisters" (Catholic World Report, May 23, 2012).

[Hat tip to J.M. for last link.]

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JFM said...

Fr. James Martin... seems like such a decent guy, and also seems like exhibit A of a disingenuous liberal. As one of Fr. Z's com boxers posted, he *implicitly* supports gay marriage and homosexuality. Man up, Fr. Martin, and give assent to the Church's officially defined teaching.

... I thought so.