Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obesity Pride?

Emm ..., well, no. But the logic isn't much different. And here you can find it from Catholics for Equality: Fortnight for Freedom Catholic Response Rally - Baltimore (June 21, 2012).

They say: "Tell Our Bishops: "We Need Pastors, Not Politicians. Your Election Year Antics are Hurting the Church!" Translation: Take a PASTORAL approach and support pressing, relevant and important issues like same-sex marriage. No kidding.

"Catholics for equality," eh? Gay pride? Well what about obesity pride? C'mon, I bet there are more fat people than Sodomites. Where are your priorities?


Anonymous said...

I nominate Cardinal Timothy Dolan as Mr Obesity Pride!

Tantumblogo said...

I've blogged about the same thing related to addiction. There are likely more addicts than gay people, too. Why don't we have addiction pride? Why does society keep having to hassle addicts, getting high is their way of life! They were born that way!

There is no limit to where this special interest pandering will end.

Dark Horse said...

Gay pride. Obesity pride. Addiction pride. Wino pride. Crack-head pride. School flunko pride.

Nuthin' like self-esteeem!!