Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Women against the pill: "Feminism asked too little of men"

Erika Bachiochi & Catherine R. Pakaluk, "The Pill Is Not Good for Women" (NRO, February 21, 2012).

[Hat tip to Dr. E. Echeverria]

  • Dr. Janet Smith, "If only our Bishops hat thought to consult with David Gibson" (CatholicVote.org, February 18, 2012).

  • In an email from Christopher Blosser:
    There are two issues in the contraception debate -- one being the government financed-sponsorship of contraception itself (advocacy of immorality from a Catholic perspective); the other being the infringement on religious liberty or civil liberty in general.

    Even those defenders of Obama who don't believe contraception to be immoral have to contend with the latter issue. From the secular website Reason.com, a libertarian perspective tackling the HHS mandate:


    From the standpoint of "freedom of choice" -- to demand that Big Brother compel insurance companies or private institutions to purchase a product for another makes no sense whatsoever.

    Even the libertarians understand this.


Ralph Roister-Doister said...

There is nothing new or especially heinous about Obama. He is not the urban legend of socialist democracy come to life. He is more like one of the devouring insects who spring to life within dead meat. Catholics who huff and puff over his sort of evil mystify me. There's nothing new about any of this, and it could have possibly been avoided if forty years ago American bishops had led their flock, instead of snuggling up with those determined to decimate it.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote:

Medicare and Medicaid -- contraception is part of both. Catholics pay taxes to support these plans, and have for decades.

Likewise private health care plans -- where payroll deductions of Catholics support contraception.

I support artificial contraception with every pay check I receive, and likely so do you. When have you ever read an episcopal letter from your bishop, or heard a bishop speak publicly about it?

Never a peep from the USCCB.

Humanae Vitae, arguably the only thing that Pope Roncalli got right, was dropped down the same bottomless black well that took Humani Generis.

It is only now, when the scandal has come to the door of their own pet institutions, that the USCCB asserts its indignance.

Where were they when the individual souls of their flocks were first compromised by the same politicians they used to play footsy with so eagerly, in the dawn of the aggiornamento? Where was their righteous anger, where their leadership?

Down that same well.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Sigh. Montini, not Roncalli.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Obama as a "devouring insect who springs to life within dead meat."

Golly, what an uncharitable thing to say.

Well, consider:

-- his economic policy assumes that unemployed people have no particular pride, gumption, initiative, or moral expectations of themselves. He reasons that people have always been this way, but the mortifications of unemployment, bankruptcy, mortgage default, etc, have exposed the hidden American constituency: not merely white trash, but rainbow trash.

-- his policy regarding birth control assumes that the majority of Catholics are gutless, hypocritical "trash" who use contraceptives regularly and feel justified in ignoring Catholic teachings that they judge to be inconvenient and perhaps embarrassing impediments to the pursuit of a chosen "lifestyle."

-- his policy regarding abortion assumes that the majority of Christians are "trash" who embrace "sanctity of life" as a glittering public generality, but reject it in personal situations where another mouth to feed and soul to nurture would be an inconvenient and perhaps embarrassing impediment to the pursuit of a chosen "lifestyle."

-- his policy regarding young people is that they are undisciplined, crapulous "trash" who secretly resent the success of old people while pretending to love and respect them, and have no desire to see their lives prolonged when such a prolongation would become an inconvenient and perhaps embarrassing impediment to the pursuit of a chosen "lifestyle."

Anyone see a pattern here? Anyone care to wager on whether he's right?

Reelect the garbageman-president. He takes care of the trash.