Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Canonist Peters: Nancy Pelosi deserves to be taken seriously

In the Light of the Law. Crystal clear, as always.




"Nancy Pelosi obviously means exactly what she says, and she regularly backs up her words with deeds. She deserves to be taken seriously. Very seriously."

Yes. And the Church means... what? Does she regularly back up her words with her deeds... No. Therefore, neither its flock or the statesmen of America take her very seriously. Can you blame them? The Bishops are shrieking about Obama, and essentially letting Pelosi say whatever she feels like. Who has a better take on the faith, a smartly dressed and achieving modern career woman who has a heart for all, or those celibate and repressed men wearing black robes? The lesson appears to be that even as society turns a deaf ear to God, a Catholic needs to first make sure all women are empowered and have access to reproductive rights. Since rights are God--given or something like that. Besides, this is all nothing that a good dose of Theology of the Body wouldn't quickly fix...



Whoa, JFM, you're on a roll here! Amen to that!