Sunday, February 05, 2012

Inspirational Beauty: The Stained Glass Photos of Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P.

Tridentine Community News (February 5, 2012):
Stained Glass is an art form where even the most inexperienced observer can recognize quality when he or she sees it. The best examples can tell a story with their rich color and detailing.

British Dominican and Extraordinary Form advocate Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P. has spent several years compiling a photo library of some of the finest examples of stained glass imaginable. Not only are the examples themselves moving, but Fr. Lew’s sharp photographic skills help to convey their full beauty. He has licensed the photos under the Creative Commons, permitting their re-use for non-commercial purposes provided Fr. Lew is credited.

Along with some other interesting photos of pipe organs, church ceiling art, and life at Blackfriars, the Dominican Priory in Oxford, England where he is based, Fr. Lew’s stained glass photo set is available at:

We have and will continue to feature some of his photos relevant to certain Feast Days on our weekday Mass Propers Handouts. With thanks to Fr. Lew for producing this important and inspirational set of images, here are some examples:

The Miracle at Cana, at Burgos Cathedral in Spain

St. Paul encountering the Risen Lord on the road to Damascus
and being called to be an Apostle, in
St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh

Christ in Gethsemane, at Cropredy parish church

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