Saturday, February 04, 2012

"Pride" mass in London

"La crisi della Chiesa è una crisi dei vescovi - A Londra, la messa 'Pride'" (Rorate Caeli, February 4, 2012):
"Eminentissimi signori Cardinali! Eccellentissimi signori in Curia!

Guardate questo video...."
(The linked video is on the apostles of gay sex in the Westminster Archdiocese of Archbishop Nichols in London.)


Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church offers ghetto, catacomb liturgies to gays -- but I'd far rather belong to that ghetto than to the ghetto of haters so well represented on that website! Those of you who long for the purer Church of the Lefebvrites would do well to read David Berger's exposure of their doings (Der heilige Schein, Berlin, 2010).

Anonymous Bosch said...

Thank you, Mr. O'Leary, for that remark of admirable sensitivity from your moral high ground of towering charity. I'm sure PP is doubly grateful for your diplomatic refusal to attribute views to him that you are most certainly confident that he does not share.

One thing I've always admired about gays is how they are never spiteful or acrimonious and always ready to overcome evil with good. God love you!