Sunday, January 17, 2010

Francis Beckwith: Norman Geisler's co-author popes

Francis Beckwith, "Joshua Betancourt, welcome home!" (Return to Rome, January 12, 2010) writes:
One of my Baylor philosophy PhD students brought to my attention today that Norman Geisler's co-author of Is Rome the True Church?(Crossway Books, 2008), Joshua Betancourt, has converted to Catholicism! This has been confirmed by Doug Beaumont, a friend of Mr. Betancourt's. Here's what Doug writes on his blog (emphasis mine):
I saw the website ( This represents a fairly major move going on in this generation. There are books, TV shows, websites, etc. all focused on those who have left and returned to the RC church. There are also Protestants converting to Roman Catholicism. One chapter in the book Is Rome the True Church?is dedicated to why this is happening. Interestingly, the book’s co-author, a friend of mine named Joshua Betancourt, converted to Roman Catholicism shortly after the book was published! Nor is he the only one. I know several people, whose minds I highly respect, who have made the same decision (Francis Beckwith, J. Budziszewski, to name some famous recent converts). Of course, the opposite is happening too – lots of RC’s are converting to some form of Protestant-Evangelicalism.
Read Doug's entire post here.
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PP: I would enjoy your critique of the book, Is Rome the True Church? That question happens to be one of the major obstacles to my swimming the Tiber. I've no problem acknowledging that Rome is "a" church, but I balk at confessing that Rome is "the" church.
I enjoy your blog.

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That (the question of the "true Church," which is also the question of "authority") is the million dollar question, of course. But you surely don't need my critique. There is ample material out there for the sincere and earnest seeker, said Cardinal Newman in his day, who was asked the same question; and there is even more material available today. Seek, and ye shall find, my friend; and pray earnestly as you seek. The truth will out in due time.