Thursday, November 02, 2006

Life in the closet: a traditionalist Novus Ordo seminarian in Rome

Rorate Caeli has a fascinating two-part series offering an insider's view of the life of a Novus Ordo diocesan seminarian in Rome whose heart belongs to the Traditional Roman Rite. The series is called "In the Catacombs." The author's identity and nationality remain protected. Here are a few exerpts:
Life in the closet is difficult. I do not mean to describe my plight with the same terms that so often are used to signify the hidden life of a homosexual, but the life I lead is equally-hidden—obscured by vague answers and “white lies” uttered to protect myself against a tremendous persecution that has swept the Church over the past thirty years... This bloodless persecution is aimed at only group of people: traditionalists.

* * *

My seminary is no different from any other major seminary; she is but a product of her time—a time that seeks orthodoxy, but without a foundation in true tradition. The generation of neoconservatives that currently resides in most seminaries is as much a thorn in the side of Trads as is the generation of progressives that came before it. While neocns are sympathetic to the need for greater reverence in the liturgy, their devotion stops there. They are completely sold on every aspect of Vatican II, and think that every word John Paul II uttered was as valuable as the Holy Gospels themselves... The neocons prance around in their cassocks and birettas, understanding neither the significance nor the propriety required thereof. I admit that it is nice to have such orthodox men in the seminary -- they help to keep a balance between a conservative student body and often liberal faculty. But, outside of being a buffer zone, they serve no real purpose in seminary life- except to annoy the true traditionalists with their pious and overly-devout ejaculations and frater-centric salutations. In the parish, their piety will score them points with the faithful- but their ignorance of the ecclesial patrimony that has preceded them will destroy their credibility in the eyes of the educated. They are more of a weakness for the Church then the liberals (who are dying off with no young vocations to carry their torch).

* * *

My observations and reflections are directed at bringing to light the unbridled hatred for tradition that governs the Church- especially in the West...I am a traditionalist and proud to be one. I live my life in a closet solely as an act of self-preservation -- the Church is no more interested in ordaining liturgical hard-liners and traditionalists than she is in ordaining women and openly-gay men.
[Hat tip to New Catholic, and to Anthony Sistrom for calling my attention to the post]

Update 11/3/06
Readers have notified me that the link in this post is not working. The reason for this I learned this morning: the owner of Rorate Caeli contacted me, informing me that he has had to remove the linked text offline. My apologize.

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