Friday, November 10, 2006

The homosexual colonization of the clerical hierarchy

If Randy Engel is right, I may owe Fr. Joseph O'Leary an apology for questioning his claim that Pope Paul VI was a homosexual. This, at least, is what I must tentatively infer from the Dale Vree's quotations (NOR, Nov. 2006, p. 19) from The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church (2006), a tome of 1,174 pages and 4,523 endnotes and detailed Index, which, includes such obscene passages that I (yes, even I) cannot bring myself to quote them in this venue, one of which includes a detailed account of pederasty and sodomy involving Bishop John Wright of Boston and Pittsburgh. The homosexual colonization of the Church was triggered by events during Vatican II, in large part due to the pontificate of Pope Paul VI, according to Engel. "Engel says that Paul VI was a homosexual, and she gives evidence for this," writes Vree. Still, the evidence that Vree quotes seems slim-to-inconclusive at best: "Engel says that 'Pope Paul VI played a decisive role in the selection and advancement of many homosexual members of the American hierarchy...." One could argue as much for some of John Paul II's appointments. One could argue similarly regarding Benedict's disappointing appointments of "gay"-friendly Archbishop William Levada as head of the CDF, Donald Wuerl (protege of Bishop John Wright of Boston) as Archbishop of Washington, D.C., George Niederauer as Archbishop of San Francisco, and his disappointingly toothless document on homosexuals in the seminary. But that hardly casts into doubt Benedict's unquestioned virtue.

Nevertheless, there's no question that the termites of Sodom have eaten deep into the wood of the ecclesial hierarchy and that the rot runs deep. Benedict himself has referred to the 'filth' and knows first-hand from his years on the CDF the state of things. The question is whether the ecclesial administration at the top is not so hamstrung by the rot as to be rendered effectively impotent.

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