Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Al Qaeda and the Pope

  • Al Qaeda Calls Pope's Visit 'Crusader Campaign' (Fox News 11/29/06): "Al Qaeda in Iraq on Wednesday denounced Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Turkey, calling it part of a "crusader campaign" against Islam.... Al Qaeda in Iraq issued its statement on an Islamic militant Web site it often uses to post messages."
  • CNN's Anderson Cooper on terrorists in Istanbul ( "Tonight we are broadcasting from Istanbul, one stop on Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Turkey.... An Islamist party called for a demonstration in Istanbul on Sunday. They expected more than 100,000 protestors, but only about 20,000 showed up. There are some extremists here to be sure. I just spent the morning with an Islamist lawyer who is defending a number of Turks accused of participating in a series of terrorist attacks in 2003 that killed more than 50 people. As we were putting the microphone on him, I couldn't help but notice the gun he was carrying on his waist. During the interview, he called Osama bin Laden a freedom fighter and explained why suicide attacks were justified under his brand of Islam."
  • Al Qaeda planned to assassinate Pope John Paul II: report (, 11/11/02): Al-Qaeda planned to assassinate Pope John Paul II on two occasions during visits made or planned by the Pontiff to the Philippines in 1995 and 1999, The Times of London reported today.
Visit the Blessed Sacrament. Fast. Pray.

[Hat tip to Janice for the Fox News article]

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