Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pope to Rome's priests on Vatican II as, he saw it

The Pope spoke to the clergy of Rome today, several thousand strong, extemporaneously today (no prepared text), and notably at ease, on how he viewed Vatican II. For the record, here's an excerpt:

[Hat tip to R. Moynihan Report]

Important - The Pope explains the Council "The Virtual Council was stronger: its results are calamitous" The Council of the Fathers was replaced by the 'Council of the Media'" (Rorate Caeli, February 14, 2013).


I am not Spartacus said...

Because it had sloughed-off Tradition, The modernist revolution that triumphed in the Catholic Church in the 1960s rendered the Church incapable of understanding what the world wants from it when it opened itself to the world and asked the world what it wanted from the Catholic Church.

In sloughing-off Tradition, it forgot Catholic Catechesis 101 that taught that our permanent enemies are the World, the Flesh and the Devil.

In opening itself to the world; in trying to engage the world; in trying to ask of the world what it wanted, the Church was soliciting advice from an ancient, alien, enemy at the same time it succored it by praising and flattering it.

After abandoning Tradition, the Catholic Church stood before the world dumb and defenseless, not understanding that their putative new understanding of the world on the part of modernists was the same old, same old; it is the intellectual heresy of denying long-established truths about the aliens who are not aboard the sole Ark of Salvation - outside of which nobody will be saved.

The entire problem of the Catholic Church in its arrogant, novel, and spectacularly failed attempt to engage the world in ways the Church never had previously tried can be summarised by this cinematic exchange.

In the exchange, the POTUS is The Catholic Church and the alien is the world

Sadly, the real Catholic modernist Hierarchy of the 1960s could not hear what the alien was demanding for it had been rendered incapable of right reason having been infected by a form of debilitating intellectual VD after having whored-around with the French Revolution and The Enlightenment and the modernists can not accept the one medicine that can clear-up the debilitating intellectual infection that is slowly killing it - steady, daily doses of Tradition -that follows, first, a confession of error and pleas for forgiveness for its actions.

And modernists can not actualise that penitential process because their progressive praxis is anchored in a self-righteous and arrogant repudiation of Tradition and it is their will that must be done, not a return to the way of the Saints that preceded the advent of their "genius."

Failing that metanoia, the Catholic Church will remain incapable of receiving the Graces God desires to flood His Church with for grace can only be "absorbed" by those properly disposed to its acceptance.

Elizabeth said...

So well said, I Am Not Spartacus.

I am not Spartacus said...

Dear Elizabeth. Thank you. I have seen your name at various Catholic Trad sites and I was pleased to note that you possess the great Dom Prosper Gueranger's, The Liturgical Year.

That is the ecclesiastical version of a carry and conceal weapon; used wisely it can protect you from the constant attack of the modernists; most of whom are of the white race.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

There you go again with your virulent racism, IANS (:D)