Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Have some nations lost the will to live?

I was listening to a radio interview this afternoon on my drive home, and a gentleman was saying that at present birth-and-death rates, within another generation or so, the Japanese will lose 58% of their population. More diapers are being sold in that country for adults than children. The Finance Minister made a public statement urging the aged and infirm, in effect, to "hurry up and die," because the younger generation could no longer sustain the financial burden of supporting them.

The interviewee went on to tell his radio audience that the problem is endemic to certain modern industrialized countries today -- including many in Western Europe -- but the worst, he said, are Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Russia, with Germany not far behind. The phenomenon is almost mystifying, he suggested. It's almost as if the human species in those countries has become asexual.

But how can that be? These are precisely those countries that are overdosing on pornography and sex. Oh, but I almost forgot: they have also completely severed the sexual act from its natural end of procreation. In other words, they are sexing themselves out of existence. Irony of ironies! For Rome it was the vomitoriums. For Moderns, it's sterile sex. What a way to go!


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Jordanes551 said...

They're masturbating themselves to death . . . .