Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anything to avoid the actual issues!!!

So Senator Marco Rubio gives this brilliant, well-crafted, engaging speech to the nation, following President Obama's State of the Union speech, and what do the usual trendy-lefty media suspects talk about? His bottle of water?????

This is hardly an exceptional fluke, when it comes to media response. No, we've seen it all before. It's part of a pattern in the drive-by media generally, as well as with congressional Democrats and even some Republicans.

Take "gun control." The actual statistics show that deaths by firearms have actually declined under the Obama administration. Gun control was an issue that Obama never raised once during his first term as President when he had a Democratic majority in both houses of congress and might have got something done if he had wanted.

So why now? Easy. The obvious elephant in the room is the looming economic disaster precipitated by his insane addiction to deficit spending, which even with the sequester, will give us an additional $7 trillion in national debt over remaining years of his second term. The emperor has no clothes. Talking about gun control is terribly convenient. The Newtown disaster was convenient. As as Rahm Emanuel advised, "you never want a serious crisis go to waste."


Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Let's not be too distressed by the maumauing of Marco Rubio. His policy positions are indistinguishable from those of Jeb Bush, and we may rest assured that what this country does not need is another member of that family in a position of power. Would Rubio be in any place of prominence in the party if it were not for the perceived strategic advantage of his ethnic background, and his eagerness to exploit it? Of course not, as I'm sure Jeb himself would tell you if Pop, Bill Kristol and Karl Rove were busy on the back 9.

Pat Buchanan has always had the proper focus on the republican weakness for ethnic panderers. Addressing John McCain's soft positions on amnesty and other "hispanic" issues -- positions shared by Rubio -- Buchanan writes:

"When those 11 million illegals have completed their path to citizenship and become voters, why should they, or the millions more family members they will have brought in by then, vote for the GOP? Hispanics are not small-government people. They believe in and benefit disproportionately from Big Government.

"Some 53 percent of Hispanic children are born out of wedlock, and 52 percent of Hispanic families are headed by single women.

"Big Government provides their kids with Head Start before school, free K-through-12 schooling, Pell Grants and student loans for college, and two or three free meals a day at school for the kids.

"Big Government provides food stamps, welfare for mom and earned income tax credit checks should she work. Big Government subsidizes her housing and provides free health care for the family through Medicaid.

" A Pew Hispanic poll found that by 3-to-1, Hispanics would favor a big government with more services to a small government with fewer services.

"Why would these folks vote for a Republican Party that promises to downsize the Big Government upon which they depend for sustenance, security and survival? Why would they vote for a party that is going to cut capital gains, income and inheritance taxes they don’t pay?"

Regardless, Marco needn't worry. So what if the country clubbers toss him on the scrap heap five minutes after Hillary secures her 270th electoral vote in 2016? A big fat pinata of opportunities will await him in the private sector.

You can't uncircle the drain. This country has chosen secularism and socialist dystopia. No Catholic with a brain should applaud this choice, but plenty will. And anyone who works and saves should pray to hold on to his job and his 401K money, for neither is safe anymore.

Pertinacious Papist said...


You are right, of course. It's just that in the present slide into dissolution, one is tempted to grasp at anything that looks better in the dying half light, even something sliding more slowly toward the drain.