Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Two Bishops, Two EF Masses, Two Assumption Churches"

That was the October 17, 2012, headline of New Liturgical Movement's post by Shawn Tribe about Bishop Alexander Sample's Pontifical Mass at Assumption Grotto in Detroit and Bishop La Rocque's Pontifical Confirmation Mass at Assumption Church in Windsor, Canada, for some 43 Confirmandi. The photos are great. "The Mass that will not die."

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I am not Spartacus said...

I don't put too much stock into his trinkets; they prolly just indicate superficial interest. What really interests Barry is his own self and race.

Chicago Sun-Times Christine Falsani intervies the Mulatto Messias:

FALSANI: "Do you believe in sin?"

OBAMA: "Yes."

FALSANI: "What is sin?"

OBAMA: "Being out of alignment with my values."

FALSANI: "What happens if you have sin in your life?"

OBAMA: "I think it's the same thing as the question about heaven. In the same way that if I'm true to myself and my faith that that is its own reward; when I'm not true to it, it's its own punishment."

There is. The Kenyan worships his own self and we ought do him a favor and vote against him so he can devote more time to collaborating with Bill Ayers on his third Biography because Obama and his race are what most interests him.