Monday, October 15, 2012

Photos: Assumption-Windsor confirmations Oct. 14, 2012

Yesterday, His Excellency, Bishop Eugene LaRocque celebrated a Pontifical Mass for 43 Confirmandi and over 500 people present at Assumption Church in Winsor, Ontario (Metropolitan Detroit). There is little in this world that can top a Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Assumption-Windsor, with the likes of bright lights such as Fr. Peter Hrytsyk, the musical direction of the magisterial Wassim Sarweh, his superlative choir, and the excellent liturgical team of servers under the direction of Alex Begin. Yet Sunday’s Confirmation Mass was truly extraordinary, and the Tridentine Community owes a special debt of gratitude to Bishop LaRocque, who did an excellent job. The occasion will long be remembered as one of the more memorable liturgical events of recent years in the Metro Detroit area.

[Hat tip to Alex Begin]

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