Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sandra Fluke campaign stop in Nevada draws vast, enthusiastic crowd of 10 people!

"Fluke takes center stage in Reno" (, October 20, 2012).

What, the culture of entitlement hits a brick wall? It can't be! How will helpless, dependent women possibly cope without the strong arm of Big Brother Sugar Daddy and Obamacare to pay for her contraceptives and indulge her whimsical desires?!

Ridiculous. The women I know and respect are strong, resourceful, and self-controlled. They aren't helpless. But they are concerned about the direction this country is going represented by Sandra Fluke. The "women's issues" these women are concerned with include things like (1) gas prices, which have tripled since Obama took office, making it harder to drive their kids to school, (2) the related, soaring price of groceries that makes it harder to stretch their budgets, and (3) the skyrocketing unemployment numbers, which nearly guarantees that their sons and daughters will have a formidable struggle finding jobs when they graduate from college. They do not buy Sandra Fluke's message about a culture of entitlements, and they will not vote for Big Brother Sugar Daddy Obama.

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Helen Gurley Roister-Doister said...

Laugh if you want, but I see a congressbabe in the making.