Saturday, April 07, 2012

Mainstreaming 'gay partnerships': the case of Cardinal Schönborn

Andrea Tornielli,"Vienna: Schönborn chooses young gay man for position in parish council" (Vatican Insider, April 3, 2012):
Twenty-six year-old Florian Stangl received the majority of parishioners' votes during the election of the new pastoral council of the parish of Stützenhofen, a town north of Vienna, but the parish priest did not want to ratify his nomination. The archbishop has intervened and, assuming full responsibility, has decided to validate the election. A row began following the intervention of cardinal Cristoph Schönborn, who, after his initial reservations, recently decided to admit a homosexual - living with a companion whom he married in a civil union - to the pastoral council of the parish of this small Austrian town.
The words of the Cardinal: "They witness the vitality of the Church. In their diversity, they reflect the diversity of today's way of life and faith."

As a reader emailed me: "If you hear something often enough, it begins to sound normal." Think of the entire generation now in its teens. "Normal" will soon mean what passed for normal before the Noahic deluge. Grapes of wrath.

[Hat tip to J.M.]


Anonymous said...

Will our Holy Father NEVER call "Heretic" and ex-communicate? Why isn't he?????

JFM said...

This is the man who is reported to have been the primary author of the Cathechism?

Frank Sheed wrote a book with the title, "Is it the Same Church?" More and more I think his answer technically correct but unhelpful. OK, It is The Church, since that basic substance is indestructible. But not indivisible or unmalleable, and it looks to me like what we have moonwalking forth is out of Neverland is an ecclesiastical monster a la The King of Pop, with reconstructions and reshadings that make for caricature:

"What a fine and thoughtful young man. All he and his lover want is to find their way, and we are here to affirm and help all God's people in their glorious diversity. Next up, a transgender eucharistic celebration featuring Sister Joan..."

This is the natural extension of the Cuomo doctrine. The Church affirms the truth, but it is really only creedal. It does not have objective implications. Any more than does "Narrow is the way...." And you will note that the Cardinal's motivation comes from the distorted Vatican II emphasis on God's salvific will, which leads inexorably to Universalism. One World, One Planet, and a vote for Ob... Oh, wait, not until he apologizes and starts playing nice! Meanwhile, we dig lesbians.