Monday, April 02, 2012

Is he being funny, or serious, or both?

In reference to an ad placed by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development on the USCCB website, blogger New Catholic offers a post that reads: "Young Trad, Become a Double-Agent in the USCCB. Enlist today!" (Rorate Caeli, April 2, 2012).

The post is not dated for an April Fool's joke. And given the track record of the CCHD, it probably isn't a bad idea.

I remember one Sunday after being received into the Church witnessing a promotion for a CCHD collection that would be taken up during the offertory, and wondering what this was all about. "Human development" sounded just so ... United Nations. Then I read a major exposé in the Catholic World Report, followed by other similar reports from credible sources that made them look little better than a front for leftist community activist organizations. Not only were they reportedly promoting a leftist political agenda, but moral practices contrary Church teaching.

To be fair, word on the street says that efforts have been made to clean up their act. But reports remain mixed, and it never hurts to "trust, but verify."

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