Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Gregorian Chant Book Master List

Tridentine Community News (April 1, 2012):
During Holy Week, Gregorian Chant takes a particularly prominent place in the Sacred Liturgies. It is therefore a fitting time to report on the discovery of a most impressive chant resource: A Frenchman by the name of Jacques Perriere has assembled a mind-boggling web site which lists every significant chant book published from the pre-Christian era up to the present day, in chronological order of publication.

The level of detail is astounding. Have you ever wondered in what years the Liber Usuális was published with English rubrics instead of the usual Latin? Or in French? How about a Liber in modern (not square note) musical notation? Looking for a book with the Holy Week chants? The complete numbered listing of Desclee chant books [the chant equivalent of J.S. Bach BWV numbers]? It’s all here.

OK, now you know a particular book actually exists, but where can you actually download it or buy it, new or used, and at what price? No problem, updated information on sources is all here.

Words cannot do this web site justice, so we present a picture of a tiny excerpt of the site below to give you an idea of the content it contains. See for yourself at: [Editor's note: please go to the linked site, as the excerpted and only partial image below cannot begin to do justice to the massive quantity of detail provided by this site.]
Notice anything missing? You would be doing a service by e-mailing the author to help him complete the list. We’ll be notifying Mr. Perriere about a book by a certain Mr. Ozorak, for example.

Holy Week Tridentine Masses

Mon. 04/02 7:00 PM: Low Mass at St. Josaphat (Monday in Holy Week)

Tue. 04/03 7:00 PM: Low Mass at Assumption-Windsor (Tuesday in Holy Week)

Thu. 04/05 7:00 PM: Holy Thursday Mass at St. Josaphat

Fri. 04/06 1:30 PM: Good Friday Service at St. Josaphat
Fri. 04/06 5:30 PM: Good Friday Service at Assumption-Windsor

Sat. 04/07 8:00 PM: Easter Vigil Mass at St. Josaphat

Sun. 04/08 9:30 AM: Easter Sunday Mass at St. Josaphat
Sun. 04/08 2:00 PM: Easter Sunday Mass at Assumption-Windsor
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