Saturday, January 14, 2012

On Bethke: Does Jesus hate religion?

Kevin DeYoung, "Does Jesus Hate Religion? Kinda, Sorta, Not Really" (The Gospel Coalition, January 12, 2012):
There’s a new You Tube video going viral and it’s about Jesus and religion.

Specifically how Jesus hates religion.

The video—which in a few days has gone from hundreds of views to thousands to millions—shows Jefferson Bethke, who lives in the Seattle area, delivering a well-crafted, sharply produced, spoken word poem. The point, according to Bethke, is “to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion.”
Read more >>. Bethke's presentation is superficially powerful, and DeYoung's post offers some helpful insights into how a Catholic might want to respond -- points that a Catholic might be willing to learn from even a Reformed Protestant.

[Hat tips to JM & Fr. Z]

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JFM said...

And a more concise, and Catholic, reply is rolled out here.

"...To love Jesus and hate religion is equivalent to calling upon a doctor and smashing all his instruments when he arrives."

(All of which not even to point out that the kids splashing themselves all over the web with religious intensity are probably the last ones whose wisdom should be so impressively enshrined and widely heralded. But that is another discussion.