Monday, January 09, 2012

For the record: Voris update (+updates)

As I've suggested in an earlier post on the subject, I have neither any reason nor competency for questioning the juridical reasoning of the Archdiocese of Detroit or its eminently capable canonist, Ed Peters. Yet I would also argue that non-canonical questions may be at issue here that are no less interesting and every bit as important, as I am sure Peters and others would concur.

This whole incident over Real Catholic TV could have an eminently salutary effect, it seems to me, if it became a vehicle for smoking out the really serious culprits, the dissembling dissenters and saboteurs of the Faith among the etiolated remnant of the church-going Catholics, whose thin, watered-down catechetical consommé has become the shallow puddle of our experience in too many regions of AmChurch today.

In this light, the call to prayer (and, I would add, penance), not only for Detroit but for the whole Roman Catholic Church, is certainly one that any faithful Catholic should welcome.


Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Given Ab Vigneron's avuncular soft spot for Jesuit-inspired novelties within his diocese, perhaps Mr Brammer could be persuaded to change the name of his outfit to

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! Or how about!