Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holy See does NOT approve NeoCat liturgy

At first it seemed TO ME that the Vatican had approved the new liturgical forms of the Neocatechumenal movement. (See "Rite approved? Let us call it the New Liturgical Way," Rorate Caeli, January 20, 2010). However, I must have misread the closely-nuanced text.

One commentator declared, in fact: "The one good to be derived from this will be the wry amusement one can enjoy reading the conservatives defend this action." Which seemed to confirm MY initial impression that approval was granted to the NeoCat liturgical way, or at least whatever is not already under the governance of existing Vatican liturgical norms.

Fr. Z. immediately suggested, however, a cautionary note: "This didn’t sound to me like the thought of a Pope about to approve the NeoCat liturgy." He suggests that these are the "celebrations" to which the Pope in his address refers to as "not strictly liturgical," and which "are NOT, by their nature, already regulated by the liturgical books of the Church" (emphasis added).

Then, sure enough, reports out yesterday and today confirmed that my first impressions were mistaken:In fact, this should have been clear all along from a more careful reading of Rorate Caeli's excellent-(as-always) post. I obviously missed the chief point amidst the nuance. My bad.

Update 1/23/12


New Catholic said...

You did not read our Editorial Comment carefully, then. Please, take a look at it - it is why we were quite clear about calling it a "new liturgical way"...

On that matter, by the way, we can corroborate our general impression with Kiko's own words (latest post).

Thank you.


Pertinacious Papist said...

NC, thanks for the clarification. I completely missed that point in your post, and I've corrected my post accordingly.


Jordanes551 said...

In truth, the Church has not approved the Neocatechumenal Way's deformations of the reformed Roman Rite, regardless of what Kiko would like people to think. But as New Catholic has said, even this limited approval will be used by Kiko's followers to continue their presumptuous disregard for the liturgical traditions and laws of the Church.

The bishops of Japan seem to have the right idea about the dangers of Kikoism, which tend to create a parallel church that is practically separate from the local church -- an ideal environment for indoctrinating Catholics in ways that the Church cannot easily guide and regulate.

I am not Spartacus said...

In the BBB (Brick By Brick) Bund many of its members are trying to justify the indefensible approval of Kiko's Catechetical Cult by claiming that the approval now means the CDF will have tighter control so they can exercise discipline and ensure the Cult will be orthodox.


In a New Oxford Review editorial, Mr. Dale Vree, noted:

In Karl Keating's E-Letter (March 8, 2005), he noted that for 26 years of the John Paul papacy, of which Ratzinger was the doctrinal watchdog for 24 years, only 24 people were disciplined.

Keating comments: "That is fewer than one per year!... The Catholic Church boasts 1.1 billion members. This means that, on average, over the last quarter century, the Vatican has disciplined only one out of a billion members per year. This is about as close to zero as you can get.

Is there any social, commercial, or governmental organization that disciplines such a small percentage of its people?...

If the Church had the kind of inquisitorial bureaucracy that its critics imagine, the Vatican would be disciplining 24 people each week.... However you look at it, 24 cases in 26 years is...laughable."

It appears that Ratzinger (now Benedict) is not the Panzerkardinal after all, not God's Rottweiler.

But, now that Kiko's Catechetical Cult has been Baptised - by The Lord Himself according to Our Holy Father - well, The BBB Bund tells us to just wait and see the rigorous discipline they will be subjected too (Just don't hold your breath because suicide is still a sin – isn't it?).

Of course, discipline is never taken in the Springtime of the renewal of continual sameness within abrupt change.

How many remember Bishop D'Arcy angrily reacting to Notre Dame giving The POTUS an Honorary Degree and pledging action?

That division must be addressed through prayer and action, and I pledge to work with Father Jenkins and all at Notre Dame to heal the terrible breach, which has taken place between Notre Dame and the church. It cannot be allowed to continue. I ask all to pray that this healing will take place in a way that is substantial and true, and not illusory. Notre Dame and Father Jenkins must do their part if this healing is to take place. I will do my part.

How'd that healing work out for ya, Bishop?

After he said that I was all over the BBB Bund teasing them that in their hearts they knew no action would ever take place and that the promise of action would be dropped down the memory hole once a newer scandal replaced the Notre Dame one.

Discipline? Please. That is so pre-V2.

Pertinacious Papist said...


Yes, I read New Catholic's prediction along those lines, and I share the same fear.

I Am Not Sparticus,

I remember the piece by Dale Vree to which you refer and had the same reaction: where's the enforcement of discipline? Sometimes I feel like we're kids playing at home alone with our parents on an extended leave.