Monday, January 16, 2012

400 men, standing ovation for Voris at "Testosterone Central" in MN

Every month, several hundred Catholic men gather for an evening of "Muscular Catholicism" at the Argument of the Month Club, the Men's Forum for Catholic Apologetics, in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. The convocation may evoke congeries of ancient Scandinavian tribal Folkmoot gatherings of meaty Conan-the-Barbarian-type blond beasts emerging from saunas and sweat lodges amidst a cacophony of Shreckish grunts, but the facts are a bit more heart-warming. Have a look:

According to the above-linked website, whose feature article carries the banner: "Standing Ovation for Michael Voris on Tuesday, January 10th!":
Once again Michael Voris packed the AOTM hall with men ready to hear how to fight for the soul of Catholicism! He came out swinging and pulled no punches. His message was clear and spoken with passion for the Truth. That message of truth was received with a standing ovation! Four Hundred men standing and cheering for the Truth!


Anonymous said...

The blond guy just in front of Voris was manifestly ill at ease!

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Smashing. For a long time I have railed and raged against the modernists who have flailed the Body of Christ with the twin scourges of feminism and homosexualism.

I have not seen the series but it must be considered a failure if it does not boldly demand a ban on the acceptance of homosexuals into seminaries.

There is no such thing as a vocation to the Priesthood for a
homosexual and the idea that there could be such a thing shows how shallow in this area is the Church

It is ineluctable that admitting homosexuals into seminaries will result in clerical sexual crimes against adolescent males.

if Holy Mother Church does not go to war against the world the blessings she will receive from her founder, Jesus Christ will continue to be relatively meager

Forward Boldly said...

As a woman, I thought his talk was TERRIFIC, and wish every man (and woman) would see it!