Sunday, August 31, 2008

Website listing MEF Mass schedules worldwide

This word from our friend, Sid Cundiff: there is now a website listing -- and ideal for listing -- MEF Mass Schedules (MEF = Mass in the Extraordinary Form) throughout the world. This is, like all Wiki sites, a website that anyone can edit, for better or worse. Mr. Cundiff has undertaken to keep updated the page for the Diocese of Charlotte and, under the direction of Fr. Paul Parkerson, that of the Diocese of Raleigh, adding that the webpage also lists SSPX churches within the Raleigh area -- information he is not at liberty to edit. See: "WikkiMissa: CarolineDuNord." Readers will quickly see how easy it is to navigate to any country in the world and see what is going on in various cities.

[Hat tip to Mr. Sid Cundiff.]

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