Monday, August 25, 2008

Newman 'gay'? Give it a rest, 'girls'!

Robert Verkaik, "Plan to exhume cardinal is 'homophobic'" (The Independent UK, August 25, 2008).

I will not dignify this screed with a detailed account. It is the same lurid piffle we used to hear in these parts by a certain dissident Irish clerical interloper some of you may recall. The short of it is that the Venerable John Henry Newman will be Beatified. He was not only a beautiful, sensitive soul, as well as a magnificent theologian, but he was straight. Ambrose St. John, beside whom he is buried in the Oratorian cemetary at Rednall, outside Birmingham (I have visited the site), was among his closest confidants and probably his dearest friend; but they were never "gay lovers," as some overheated drag queens would like us to believe. Please. Pace!

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