Thursday, August 14, 2008

For the record

  • David Freddoso, "Life with Obama: Abortion champion" (National Review, August 13, 2008).

  • Fr. John F. Kavanaugh, "Dear Senator Obama" (America magazine, August 18, 2008):
    I am writing this open letter to you, Senator, on the outside chance that one of your National Catholic Advisory Council members might read America and pass it on to you.

    You have an abortion problem, especially with pro-life Catholics who would like to vote for you—something to keep in mind when you ponder the fact that there has been up to a 15 percent rise in Catholics voting Republican in the past two elections.

    Catholic voters do not think monolithically. That should come as no surprise to you, since you have many Senate colleagues with a Catholic background who have supported every bill insuring a “woman’s right to choose.” But if you are interested in the respectful hearing of opposing positions, as you often note, it will be valuable for you to have serious conversations with groups like Democrats for Life of America and Feminists for Life.
    Of course, some Catholics do think monolithically, and the ONLY issue keeping them from voting for Sen. Obama is his outspokenly pro-abortion stance. But as we've argued since early in his campaign, there are many other issues besides abortion that make Sen. Obama's candidacy problematic for us, not the least of which are his positions on fundamental constitutional issues. But abortion certainly is one of the most fundamental issues by which to measure a candidate's orientation and values.

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