Thursday, October 12, 2006

French bishops' reaction: a harbinger of things to come?

One of our readers writes:
The French bishops' reaction to Benedict XVI's new Institute of the Good Shepherd is a harbinger of the universal reaction to liberalization of permission to celebrate the [Traditional Latin Mass].

They are sacred to death, the bishop in whose diocese the Institute will be located was not given a heads-up by the Vatican and boy is he angry!

Vatican II introduced democracy into the church and any decision from Rome is considered a violation of consultation.

They hate the Latin mass because it represents order, discipline and obedience. But most of all they hate the theology that places Christ at the center, not only Christ but the sacrifice of Christ. Out the window goes the concept of the priest as a mere functionary (i.e, one that could as well be a woman as a man). A return to the reality of the priest as alter-Christus acting in the Mass in persona Christi.

That is anathema in the Novus Ordo.

If Benedict XVI dares to carry his promise, there will be hell to pay. A groundswell of resistance as supposed proof that the German intellectual priest has misjudged the 'people of God' and let us pray that his reign will be a short one. The stakes ... could not be higher.


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