Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"BBC confesses bias on religion, politics"

Internal memo reveals execs saying Bible tossed in trash OK, not Quran

A report entitled "BBC Confesses Bias on Religion, Politics" (October 23, 2006) states that an "internal British Broadcasting Corporation memo reveals senior figures admitted the national news agency was guilty of promoting left-wing views and anti-Christian sentiment." News of the memo, reported by the British media, comes amidst claims of biased reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and global fight against terror, according to the Israeli, says the report. The admissions of bias were reportedly made at a recent "impartiality" summit the held by the BBC. Most executives admitted BBC's representation of homosexuals and ethnic minorities was unbalanced and disproportionate, according to
At the summit, executives were given a fictitious scenario in which they were asked to make a judgment.

In the illustration, Jewish comedian Sasha Baron Cohen would participate in a studio program in which guests were allowed to symbolically throw in a garbage bin things they hated.

What would you do, the executives were asked, if Cohen decided to throw kosher food, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bible and the Quran in the trash.

Everything would be allowed, the executives said, except for the Quran, for fear of offending the British Muslim community.
Thankfully, there is no such bias at NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times, LA Times etc.... Read more.

[Hat tip to Michael Forrest]

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