Friday, July 21, 2006

Ultramontane Catholic Rap

Wonders never cease. A reader and friend who shares my interest in Scheler wrote recently to share another interest: a friend of his who is a Catholic rapper. He writes that he's not sure how much of this blog's readership listens to hip-hop, but that he hopes that this example of a Catholic rapper might at least assure readers that a new springtime of evangelization can be found breaking forth in some quarters among the Catholic youth of this country. Perhaps it may also show Fr. O'Leary, he suggests, where the future of the Church resides: " will never attract the young by making Christianity easy; but a good many can be attracted by finding it difficult: difficult both to the disorderly mind and to the unruly passions." - T.S. Eliot

His website is (check it out and listen to some samples online).

Some of his lyrics are quite powerful and unapologetic:
From "Ultramontane":

I pledge allegiance to the Pope and his
Holy Regiment of eminence, never mind
Me, myself and I and all the pride on the side
Obedience and orthodoxy on the minds eye
Knee bends to the rock, which stood the test of time
Its David vs. Goliath/godless politicians
Filibuster this, cut you with the sword of truth
The word of God's more strong, than what you mere men
Constitute, you want to challenge the Church
Yo that's the wrong thing to do
Ignorant fools, brood of vipers, hypocrites,
Your going to lose, misinterpret everything
Just to suit your views, We will stand for it no more

From "Freedom" (a song dedicated to Terri Schiavo):

Many spiritually enslaved and claim America's free
But all I see is rotten fruit from a rotten tree
The 5 non-negotiables, diabolical deeds
Christ, provided us with everything that we need
His body and blood, his word and his Church
the meaning of freedom and peace
It's disobedience and unbelief, the chief cause
Leaving nations deceased, yes, lost and beat
During tragedy the nation falls to its knees
Praying God please, oh God, Please! but
Once the moment passes by they back
To scandals and lies, singing God Bless
America, and at the same time, everything Holy's
Banished from the public eye, 40 million
Babies have died, who wants a slice of this American pie?

From "Crusade II":

Get ready for a Crusade! Christians wield the Word
Like double-edged blades
Get ready for change
It's us vers' the culture of death
The faithful vers' the things that's got this country a mess
The Church Militant won't settle for less
We're here to save a country in distress
Badly oppressed by sin
And those who whisper: "God is dead."
Secularists, and liberal theology
Ya'll need ta bend your knees and give God a giant apology

Our battle cry: "Smash lies!"
Bring forth the truth that's Adonai
In God we trust, with God we ride
In his laws we abide
Fight against the Devil's rebellion and pride
In an army full of men of fire
Ridding the country of false promises
Diabolical darkness
Highly volatile contents
Burning souls like arsonists
We coming through because we can't stand idly by
While thousands upon thousands of babies die
Better yet: check out some of the samples you can listen to online. Some are quite good for the genre.

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