Monday, July 24, 2006

A media revolution to displace film industry?

Remember when you first experienced one of those world-historical moments when you knew you were witnessing history being made, even if it was something like the announcement of "stereo surround sound" or "word processors"? Well, here, perhaps, is the latest: made for Internet independent, downloadable 'films'. Many of these are simply goofy, but here's one that will (despite the bad acting) blow you away. It's called "Star Wars Revelations," and here's what the producers say about the movie:
Revelations was started with a hope and desire to create a low-budget independent film with a big-budget production value. With affordable technology and a pool of talented artists around the world, we wanted to see how far Panic Struck Productions could take it. Everyone involved in the film is a volunteer and no one was paid to work or be involved in this project. The film is a combined effort to artists, industry professionals, and fans, all working together in a dedicated effort to produce a high-end film.

First off, "Revelations" is a non-profit film. That's right, we cannot make money from "Revelations" nor would we want to. Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucas Film LTD. and it is through George Lucas' kindness he allows young filmmakers to play in his wonderful world. Being huge fans ourselves we would want, if anything, to promote and share the magic and love of the star wars films and what it's creator brought to the industry and audiences around the world.

Revelations will be FREE for everyone to download (and hopefully enjoy) here online.
Read about how this guy used people in his neighborhood, his own garage, and only a few thousand dollars to create this really quite impressive movie. See it to believe it.

The other wonder is -- you guessed it!! -- Star Trek New Voyages, the creation of an Elvis impersonator who likes Star Trek and used (what was it? a car lot?) as his production studio. Instructions on how to burn your own disk. Again, see it to believe it. The wave of the future? Cheers.

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