Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rush nails it

From, which features rotating images of smokers such as McArthur, Tolkien, etc., this quote from Rush Limbaugh:
"But despite all this, folks, there is one place in this country which, if you're there, you are at far greater risk than any American soldier anywhere in the world today, including Iraq, and that is the womb of an American woman. Uniformed soldiers in Iraq are much safer than a baby in an American woman's womb, particularly if that American woman happens to be in a Planned Parenthood office. If you wear the uniform of the United States military in Iraq, you have a fairly good chance of walking out alive. That's not so if you are in a Planned Parenthood clinic in the womb of an American woman who happens to be inside the clinic. Facts are facts, and you don't hear the Democrats concerned about that at all. You don't hear the American left concerned about that at all."
[Hat tip to Christopher]

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