Sunday, March 26, 2017

THIS makes George Carlin's 'Buddy Christ' seem 'traditionalist'

You all remember how George Carlin played a bishop in the movie Dogma and announced that the crucifix, though a time-honored symbol of our faith and highly recognizeable, was being retired by Holy Mother Church as a wholly depressing image of our Lord crucified. Christ didn't come to earth to "give us the willies," says the bishop. He came "to help us out." "He was a booster." And with that take on our Lord, he introduces and unveils a new, more inspiring image of ... 'The Buddy Christ.'

And now, in the spirit of retrieving a Gospel for our time that will titillate and hopefully avoid boring us (like all those boring traditional -- >yawn< -- liturgies and doctrines), here comes the prancing priest: Ecce homo!

Honestly, is there anything remotely Catholic or even Christian about this, anymore than fluffy Care Bears or prancing My Little Ponies?

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