Saturday, February 13, 2016

Books Ignatius Press declined to publish?

Maybe you can think of others, but Guy Noir mentions two such books, hard on the heels of citing Philip Trower's "Portrait Of St. Paul" (The Wanderer, February 13, 2016). After writing, "Always very good, Trower on Paul is very good here...," Noir adds:
Also good if unknown is [Trower's] The Catholic Church and the Counter-Faith, which Ignatius Press inexplicably did not publish, just as it shrank from publishing Kelly's The New Biblical Theorists. Pope Francis, however, always gets his hardback edition. I guess that's not too hard to understand -- but mercy, it is awfully hard to translate that into a reason to pay...


Amateur Brain Surgeon


Pertinacious Papist


ABS, Thanks for the link! Didn't know he had the whole thing published online. Very good!



They also did not want to publish Joe Pearce's autobiography which is why it was
printed by St. Benedict Press.