Monday, September 30, 2013

First two V-II popes to be canonized in April

Sam Jones and Lizzy Davies,"Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII to become saints" (The Guardian, September 30, 2013): "Pope Francis announces that the canonisation of his two predecessors will take place in April 2014." "Santo Subito!" ("Saint now!") -- the cries of the multitudes in St. Peter's Square immediately following the death of John Paul II still echo in our ears.

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Santo Subito was the politics of Agit-Prop which was ultimately due to the lunacy of the ecumenical perp, Chiara Lubich, who founded this crackpot outfit; The Focolare Movement.

I swear, some of these ecumenical movements (John Allen of the NCR loves it) make no more sense to me than it would make sense for me to write a Freedom of Information Request to the FBI demanding they turn over all of their evidence relating to their covert investigation into the death of Billy Joe MacAllister at the Tallachatie Bridge; Was he pushed or did he jump?

Does the Jumping frog he put put down the back of his suspected lover at the Carroll County picture show refer to the French Connection and drug trafficking?

Seriously. What'n'hell does it profit anyone to waste their time trying to seek unity between the one true church and innumerable false religions when such an insane desire has, repeatedly, been denounced in Tradition??

I am forswearing my drinking on a school night rule and I will do that every single day I read the words, Santo Subito