Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chilling personal account of anti-traditionalist Catholic academic censorship

Dr. John Lamont, "Traditionalism and academic censorship - a personal experience and a very grave episode" (Rorate Caeli, September 25, 2013). What is all the more disturbing is that this anti-traditionalist academic censorship comes, not from the "usual suspects" of the Catholic left wing, but from the "conservative" editors of the respected journal, Nova et Vetera, Matthew Levering and Reinhard Huetter (both Catholic converts and well-respected "conservatives") who had initially accepted the eventually-censored piece for publication and attested to its academic excellence and had no creditable ground for suppressing the piece except the traditionalist leanings of the author.


Anonymous said...

Let's look at the brightside: he hasn't been deep sixed like Alyssa Pitstick.


Anonymous said...

I think the mystery has been solved as to why the sudden chill, if you connect the dots.

Elementary, my Dear Watson!

Charles said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for the Sherlock Holmes sleuthing and provided link. Methinks you have hit the proverbial nail on its proverbial head.

Anonymous said...

And this!

The Dog that barked!

Anonymous said...

"The image of the moon Also helps to understand the dynamics of the mission to Which the Church is called. As Paul VI himself had Already Recognized in the Apostolic exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi (1975): "Modern man more willingly heeds witnesses than teachers," and if he heeds teachers "Because he does know they are witnesses." Nietzsche spoke of "methodic distrust." For That reason, especially in our times, the most fitting and most disarming way in Which the light of the Word of God offers itself to the world Is That of witness. Also here the image of the moon suggests points for reflection and solace.
The witness is by definition One That testifies to something other than himself, without adding anything of His Own. The testimony of Christian faith is not the same as busying oneself, as adding further commitment to the things of life. Even less does it mean engaging in propaganda or proselytizing for certain ideas."

Anonymous said...

And guess which Pope Paul VI document the Holy Father asked his College of Super Cardinals to read.

Bada bing!

I'm here all week, folks.