Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Franciscans of the Immaculate, Bill Buckley and the Old Latin Mass

"Sandals and Fiddlebacks" - Franciscan Traditional Latin Mass:

"If this video doesn't stir your Catholic soul," writes Michael J. Matt, "then someone has already achieved remarkable success in robbing you of your Catholic identity. If you hate this video you have become, at least to a degree, a self-loathing Catholic with a semi-Protestant identity.

"If you know nothing about this Mass, please understand that it is the Mass of all the saints, martyrs, virgins and doctors of the Church. It is the Mass of your grandmother and hers and hers. It is your liturgical patrimony; it is your Catholic birthright; it is the great jewel of Christendom and the most beautiful thing this side of heaven. If you don't know it, you don't yet know what it truly means to be Catholic because, through no fault of your own, you have been cut off from your Catholic roots by the very thing which should be the touchstone of the Catholic Faith: The Mass....

"As the late William F. Buckley wrote of the Mass back in 1979,
"As a Catholic, I have abandoned hope for the liturgy, which, in the typical American church, is as ugly and as maladroit as if it had been composed by Robert Ingersoll and H.L. Menchen for the purpose of driving people away. Incidentally, the modern liturgists are doing a remarkably good job, attendance at Catholic Mass on Sunday having dropped sharply in the 10 years since a few well-meaning cretins got hold of the power to vernacularize the Mass, and the money to scour the earth in search of the most unmusical men and women to preside over the translation. The next liturgical ceremony conducted primarily for my benefit, since I have no plans to be beatified or remarried, will be my own funeral; and it is a source of great consolation to me that, at my funeral, I shall be quite dead, and will not need to listen to the accepted replacement for the noble old Latin liturgy. Meanwhile, I am practicing Yoga, so that, at church on Sundays, I can develop the power to tune out everything I hear, while attempting, athwart the general calisthenics, to commune with my Maker, and ask Him first to forgive me my own sins, and implore him, second, not to forgive the people who ruined the Mass."
There is a bit more in this article by Michael J. Matt, some of it rather edifying; but the quote above is the jewel. That, with the juxtaposition of "Sandals & Fiddlebacks" -- the sandals-wearing Franciscan Friars celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass with their celebrant vested in a Fiddleback chasuble. Nice.


I am not Spartacus said...

Tradition comes from tradere which can be understood to mean to pass on what was delivered but, the Professor Irwin Corey's in the college of New Theology have decided to Pass on what they received, Tradition, so they could return to some imagined numinous nascency of the Church (A hallucination of de Chardin which, folie a deux, spread amongst his admirers, the ecclesiological sappers); a nascency of the Catholic Church which, in their malign minds, was so spiritualised as to be unidentifiable with the historic Catholic Church they loathed because it was opposed to the world that they had surrendered to.

And to establish NewChurch Paul VI had to completely destroy the Roman Rite and that is what he did; and The Roman Rite, the Gregorian Rite, had to be destroyed because it was a bulwark against the very revolution the Pauline radicals were intent upon imposing on the Church.

The extent to which the Fathers of the Council - and their "experts" - already had rejected the Gregorian Rite prior to the council even assembling is witness to the success of the long march of the modernists through Holy Mother Church.

It is a different Catholic Church that now exists, nearly completely different from the one I was born into and the weirder it gets the more intense are the claims of continuity.

Thanks be to God I can assist at the Real Mass every fortnight at a real Catholic Church which is part of the FSSP Apostolate but once Bergolio eviscerates SP (Which he seems to think means semi pelagianism) and after the FSSP meekly surrenders out of loyalty to the Pope (that surrender is ineluctable) , I will throw in with the SSPX understanding that just like in the time of Saint Athanasius, They will have the Churches while we will have the Faith.

The choice is ever starker in this time of twilight; loyalty to a Pope who chooses to Pass on Tradition, or Fidelity to Tradition, which is the Catholic Rule of life.

I am not Spartacus said...

Indeed, the true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries, nor innovators: they are traditionalists.

Pope Saint Pius X

I am not Spartacus said...

Well, one can be saved without the real mass but not without Faith whereas one can not be saved if he has the real mass but not the real faith and so what a struggle it must be for, say the FSSP, to have the Real Mass but not be able to condemn errors as does the SSPX for how can it be true that real Faith excludes the condemnation of error?

What about the teaching of the great Pope Saint for whom their order was named?

Notre Charge Apostolique

"Our Apostolic Mandate"

Given by Pope Pius X to the French Bishops
August 15, 1910

Our Apostolic Mandate requires from Us that We watch over the purity of the Faith and the integrity of Catholic discipline. It requires from Us that We protect the faithful from evil and error; especially so when evil and error are presented in dynamic language which, concealing vague notions and ambiguous expressions with emotional and high-sounding words, is likely to set ablaze the hearts of men in pursuit of ideals which, whilst attractive, are nonetheless nefarious. Such were not so long ago the doctrines of the so-called philosophers of the 18th century, the doctrines of the Revolution and Liberalism which have been so often condemned...

O, that't right. I almost forgot. We Catholics have made our peace with the French Revolution and The Enlightenment and we no longer condemn but love bomb evil.

C'est la vie; such is faith in this faithless age

James Joseph said...

Incidentally, the Prayer of St. Francis is chanted in the vernacular, Modern Italian.

Conscientious Catholic said...

I hope you don't mind if I post this on my blogsite. People need to see this and remember what is truly important! Jon