Friday, July 12, 2013

"Vatican II Must be Clarified" - Extensive interview of Bishop Athanasius Schneider by Michael Voris

Related: Excellent book on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the proper mode of receiving Holy Communion by The Most Reverend Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Dominus Est – It Is the Lord! Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion(Newman House Press, 2009):


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Excellent interview. When did His Excellency throw-in with The SSPX?

I agree with everything he said and everything he did not say - such as L.G. changing Catholic Doctrine on the nature of the Church.

Prior to V2, Catholic Tradition -and to be found in every single Catechism summarising Tradition - taught that the Catholic Church IS the Church of Christ but V2 changed that with that captious word subsistit but I think that is the third rail of Theology and the good Bishop will not take on the new theology publicly in that one for it is So controversial.

The fact the CDF - under Ratzinger - tried to explain what it meant two different times and each time explained it differently is illustrative of how the new theology, as Lincoln used to say, sucks.

If he is in full communjon with the Catholic Church - and he is - then why'n'hell is the SSPX being treated so unjustly for all it is doing is passing on what it received from tradition.

And finally, it is clear that his Faith is different than that of he who abdicated for he who abdicated defended all that the good Bishop just publicly put under traditional scrutiny

Thanks, Dr. This vid is a keeper

JFM said...

Thanks for this. Was looking for a good book summary of Catholic theology of transubstantiation with a devotional angle. Other than O'Connor's "Hidden Manna" I had come up blank, something of a commentary on our post-conciliar times.