Sunday, July 21, 2013

Prayer requests

I have received requests for urgent prayer from several sources near and dear to me and my family, so please permit me to share them with you:
  • Thomas Peters, son of canon lawyer Ed Peters, suffered a broken neck from a swimming accident and is in critical but stable condition in the DC area. Peter's was married just three months ago. Those who wish to help in some way, besides praying, may wish to consult the Update and Information Center.
  • Richard McDonald, a family friend and grandfather to thirteen, is suffering Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease(CJD) a rare and degenerative brain disease that is considered incurable. Symptoms include rapidly progressive dementia and involuntary movements, and prognosis is average life expectancy of six months after symptoms first appear. I just saw him at Mass this morning with his wife and family, tried talking, and wept together.
  • Anita C., a family friend and mother of five, and fellow parishioner when our families attended the same church, who is recovering from a double mastectomy following protracted chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

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bill bannon said...

Will pray.