Monday, April 29, 2013

Obama to largest abortion provider: "God bless you!" (Which god? Chemosh? Moloch? Baal?)

What does it mean when a nation's president says on gun control, "If there's a step we can take to save even one child (emphasis added), we should take that step," and then turns around and asks God to "bless" the largest abortion provider in that nation, a nation in which upwards of 4000 unborn Americans are killed each day? Is there a rationale here that would render these statements compatible, let alone intelligible? What "God" is being asked to bless the altars of these abortuaries?

We Americans consider ourselves so urbane, so sophisticated, so far beyond the 'ignorance' and 'parochialism' of our forebears; but the god of recreational sex we worship in the name of Pelvic Freedom continues to demand human sacrifice today. The fact that those sacrifices are not made publicly on high altars in the public square but privately in "women's clinics," that we substitute terms like "women's healthcare" for "killing babies," and that we ignore or supress the data about the psychological and spiritual toll abortions take on the mothers who have them, their families and communities and the social fabric of our nation, allows us to live with the illusion that we are beyond all such primitive barbarism. But Chemosh, Moloch, and Baal continue to demand human blood, and we continue to offer it.

Where is the hope of national repentance, renewal and the milk of human kindness and high regard for human life when our president is asking "God" to bless our immolation of whole generations of our unborn children?

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Conscientious Catholic said...

I like your blog site. This one was good as usual. By the way, do you ever go to St. Josephat's? We plan on going on Ascension Thursday, as Lansing is pretty much spiritually dead. Just like Holy Thursday. Let me know, either by going to my blogsite, or by Mail:
Thank you for your postings.