Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cdl Dolan awards St. Elizibeth Ann Seton Medal to WHOM?!

Christine Niles, "Cdl Dolan awards pro-abort Anna Maria Chavez the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Medal" (FB, April 23, 2013) -- with these supporting links:So sorry to see this.




I'd have gladly gone along my merry way never knowing this. Thanks, I guess... I thought better of him.



Someone--a priest--who worked closely with C. Dolan when he was an auxilary bishop in St. Louis once told me, very insistently, that he was a "dissenter." I pressed him on this, citing Dolan's record on abortion, contraception, etc. He replied, "he's just climbing the ladder."

His actions do sometimes provide evidence for this "theory."

Ralph Roister-Doister


I wonder if he has found time yet to wash his damn dirty socks.

I am not Spartacus


I find his raucous public laughter ridiculous given his office. Even in the presence of the Mulatto Mengele, he seems as excited and delighted as Bill Clinton would have been had he read in the Las Vegas Sun that the Chicken Ranch was running a two-for-one special as a way of welcoming him to town.

Dark Horse


2-for-1-special at the Las Vegas Sun Chicken Ranch! Hardy-har-har!!!