Friday, April 19, 2013

NPR has no particular bias. Listen to it all the time.

Just listen to NPR's Dina Temple-Raston on the Boston Marathon bombings:

Yeah ... Right ...


bill bannon said...

Truly weird. But the right is simply weird in a different way. Let's put the news pieces together of this past week. We can summarize it thusly. Thanks to the republicans, Bad type of Chechens in the US can get guns at gun shows with no background check when it dawns on them that they only killed three in Boston compared to the 26 killed in Connecticut by the psycho there. At some point they are going to switch from ieds to guns...and our free enterprise gun shows are ready to oblige in the name of minimum regulation. Right and left both stink. Von Hildebrand:
" The truth is not only between the two extremes but above them."
And I have a shotgun which I don't mind my police knowing fact my police saved me from my detectives. They came to my house after a streetfight I had with a Kevin Garnett look alike robber and when they saw my pistol grip shotgun, they said, " Hide that before the detectives get needs a stock in this
state.". I subsequently put a stock on it. Word. They were just grateful I choked out a perp which saved them from choking him out. One said..." aay...aay....yu did what yu hadda du."

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is how quickly leftists were declaring that "the thinking" was that the right did this, the center and the right from what I saw took a wait and see approach.

Why on Earth was there such a rush to be wrong? Did this look like a slam dunk to them? Was it really a surprise when it appeared those behind this were muslims?

Anonymous Bosch said...

There is so much about the infrastructure of NPR, and even much of its reporting, that is excellent. It's a pity they are delusional about matters of perspective.

I am not Spartacus said...

It takes a liberal to blame a minority.

The Evil Party controls the POTUS and The Senate so, of course, it is the Stupid Party, a minority of those in control in D.C., that is blamed for the weakness of background checks although it was not all that long ago that the Evil Party had control of The POTUS, The House, and The Senate and didn't fit the problem Mr. Bannon notes.

I wonder which minority member of Congress was responsible for queering the deal back then?

BTW, if you didn't immediately think it was a member of Mahomet's evil cult that did the terrorism, then you are prolly a liberal

JM said...

The Right IS weird. But NPR is toxic. It is hostile to the idea of objective religious truth. A different thing entirely.